Hey guys! I'm Emily, a professional wedding photographer who's obsessed with the art of photography.
I'm an extroverted introvert, lover of all things analogue and always up for a surf session.
(Shooting bride & groom portraits at the beach is the best!)

You are totally rad just as you are!

And your wedding photos should show just that, the real, beautiful you.
Nothing cookie cutter or boring poses, but pictures that show all the feelings of the day,
the spark that you two share, and the crazy fun celebrating with your awesome family and friends.

Because you are magic and your pictures should be too.


Hey guys!
Here’s a quick video about
how I tell my couples’ stories.



Get Comfortable

Weddings are a big deal for sure, with all the moving parts and decisions to be made. But that doesn't mean it has to be stressful. Once your wedding starts, the only thing you should be thinking about is being together forever with the person you love best. I make sure to help both of you be comfortable and relaxed, because that's how you can be your beautiful, real self.


Bride looking out to sea at washington oaks gardens

People are art

Quirky, curious, funny, serious, thoughtful, quiet, kind, weird,...  Every single person I photograph is interesting and valuable;  a chance to create something so beautiful


Real life beauty is the best

Stiff and manufactured wedding photos may get lots of instagram likes but it doesn't show the unique beauty of who you really are. I want you two to look at your pictures in 20 years and say 'Oh, that is SO us!'. When I'm working with you, I'll give direction when you need it, and be a fly on the wall when you don't.

Every photo I take is about telling the gorgeous, messy, REAL story of your day

bride laughing at the ribault club

wedding ceremony at Congaree and Penn Farm

What my clients are saying

The photos BLEW ME AWAY. They brought us to tears! You captured our wedding day better than I could have ever imagined possible. I already felt that you were a great fit for us just because you were so amazing and easy to work with, but now I am certain that this was a match made in heaven
— Jordi N.
Picking a photographer for your one big day can be overwhelming but you cannot go wrong with Emily. She is very flexible and great at what she does! I can’t say enough good things about Emily and our photographs.
— Brittany I.



Choosing a photographer can be overwhelming, let alone planning a whole wedding! Everyone saying 'Pick me! Pick me!' and it's hard to even know what you want in a wedding photographer until you've already had one. I'm here to help you think through exactly what you need. There's no such thing as a dumb question so please reach out and ask away!

pink bouquet by the wilding collective



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