Why do we keep comparing ourselves to the freakishly impossible? Manufactured models and instagram feeds aren't beautiful, but honest, kind people are. All our quirks and imperfect are what make us human and inspiring.

I learned to go my own way early on, whether it was studying to be a music composer, living in Papua New Guinea, or deciding that mom's can learn how to surf too. ;) Having fun and living outside the box is what has helped me take super relaxed, natural photos of my clients in ways that bring out their unique magic.

 If you're curious, I'm...

  • A mama to 3 crazy, rad, messy little boys. (I only wear washable clothes.)
  • I grew up in San Francisco and feel totally at home in our funky Florida beach town.
  • My husband is even more of an artist than me. Did you know you can get a doctorate for playing guitar? #mancrush