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Experimenting and going deeper as an artist is a huge part of who I am.

Tied up in that is a love for meeting new people, and really getting to know them. I've always been good at making people feel comfortable. Probably because I felt out of place as a kid (wearing shirts with a picture of my dog on it probably wasn't the best way to fit in. lol) and I don't want anyone else to feel that way. 


    I've traveled to many unusual places like Papua New Guinea and Kazakhstan, and it's opened my eyes to so much. You can find things in common with every person you meet, no matter how different you are. 

    I grew up in San Francisco and now live in a little beach town in Florida. My husband is a seriously good musician (like doctorate in guitar good), and my three boys are crazy mischief makers that love me more than I deserve. Yeah, life is good. Messy but good.


    And why do I do photography? 

    I'm drawn to the beautiful things we usually miss. All the normal, ordinary that we take for granted. Light pouring in through the window, a cute kid shyly hiding behind mom, the way a bride's face crinkles that certain way when she's seriously happy. Our lives are so full and busy that it's easy to forget all that we have. The love and life everywhere. So I hunt for those sparks, those little moments, to give them the attention they deserve. 
    To open our eyes to how beautiful life is.