Naza Surf Camp - Ormond Beach, Florida

"I love surfing even more than video games!" Coming from my 7 year old, that was music to my ears. We keep a tight leash on technology in our house but Finn was always most excited at the prospect of playing video games. We've done swim team, hiking, all kinds of things, but he was never that stoked on any of it. Once he had caught his first wave with our amazing friends at Naza Surf Camp, he was HOOKED!

I've been learning to surf over the last couple years too and having at least one of my boys be as excited about it as me is seriously a dream come true. All the groms (surfer speak for kid surfers) and teachers at this camp were beyond rad, always encouraging each other and so excited when someone had a really great ride. These super cool kids even cheered me (a mom kook!) on when I paddled out with them. It was really just a crazy amazing week and we're going to do it every year from here on out!! 


Messy Is Beautiful - Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Crisp. Sharp. Styled. Instagram ready. We think that perfect is always better. But is it?  It's so easy to get stuck in that loop. Trying to measure up to everyone else, to not fall behind. But when I look through my days, things feel soft, blurry, messy.  There's a swirling never ending motion that I try to soak it in before I blink it all away. 

Somehow the measuring stick for 'professional' photography has become sharp, crisp and styled. But I've learned that what I really want to create with my photos is feeling. If it's true that images have to be 'perfect' to be worthy, I'd rather be an amateur that grabs the moment before it's gone.  I'd rather feel the light soaking through an image, see the dancing blurry and swirling, or catch a couple's kiss in the shadows all grainy and fuzzy. That's life to me.  Messy, beautiful, and a little out of control. Perfect is for robots.


Christmas Past

Something about the tangled christmas lights, our downtown getting all decorated, and the anticipation (and SUGAR!!!) in the air always makes me so nostalgic.  In my ongoing battle for dominance over my computer desktop, I found the photos I took from our Christmas tree hunt last year.  It's amazing and terrifying how much Finn has grown! *sniff sniff* And Grey was so little that he slept through the whole adventure strapped to me in his baby carrier.  We had no idea then how different things would look for us this year and, while we will miss getting our tree at Young's, we are so excited and grateful for all the new adventures here in Ormond Beach, Florida.  Maybe we'll just have to decorate a palm tree this year. ;)

Jen, Jonah And Their Little Pixies

Creative, talented, smart, ridiculously good looking, and unbelievably kind describes Jen, Jonah and their girls to a T!  Jen and Jonah are wonderful photographers and I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with them and their sweet little pixie girls. I mean seriously!  Can kids get any cuter?!   They were all so much fun to be around and beyond patient with me as I huffed and puffed my pregnant-self around!  I am realizing that maternity leave is a really, really good idea. :-)  I need to fit in more naps before baby boy comes!

Florida by Holga

We had such a wonderful, relaxing time with our friends in Naples, Florida.  It was kind of like a babymoon where I brought my first baby along too. ;-)  I decided to give the Holga a little more attention as well, instead of just bringing the Contax.  The term 'toy camera' makes it seems like it should be super easy to operate but it's surprisingly nuanced.  I'm still learning about double exposures and how to eyeball the distance to my subject but I really enjoyed using it and will definitely be bringing it out more often.