Awkward Videos With Emily: Failing Forward

Sooo, I finally made an attempt at video blogging. It definitely gives me deja vu to awkward high school public speaking class but it was definitely appropriate for tonight's topic. Learning to be happy with progress and forget about perfection.


So, I thought I was gonna be a whole lot more nervous doing this, but I just went through a really great heart-to-heart talk, said everything I wanted to, and realized I didn't push record (laughs) So, anyway, hi again, guys. I'm gonna start doing a little more video blogs here and there, just a little more face-to-face time. And so I just wanted to share something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. 

We're just such a busy world and everyone's busy, no matter whether you have kids or businesses or you're on your own or you're married or you own a house and are working on projects continually. We're just all busy, and we all feel like we're failing in so many ways. We should eat better and be skinnier, and we should have better clothes, and we should budget better, and spend more time exercising, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

And it really just wears on you after awhile, that you're not doing it, whatever it is. You're not doing it right, you're not perfect. And I just wanna tell you that it's okay to fail forward. Progress is great, and we should make progress in areas in our life that are important to us. But it's not gonna all come at once, and you'll never be there. There'll never be the spot that you just feel like, I've accomplished everything, I'm awesome. Instagram, check me out!

There's always just things that you have to keep working on. And it's okay to be happy with an imperfect day. It's okay to be happy with not finishing your to-do-list, but you really had a great conversation with a friend or awesome time with your kids at the beach or you just really nailed that website page. I mean, it's looking awesome.

And maybe your kitchen's a mess. There's a reason that I’m angling my camera this way. (laughs) But it's okay, guys. Being imperfect is human, and sometimes the imperfection is really beautiful. There's a lot of joy and beauty and freedom in that. 

So, I just wanna encourage you as we're going into the week that it's okay to fail forward, and you're making progress, and we're all doing great. And let's just go Gilmore Girl binge every now and then just to get through it. (laughs)

Okay, hope you guys are all doing well, and let me know if you have any questions or things that you'd like me to talk about here, whether about photography or maybe planning for brides or other clients. And I'd be happy to work on this more and figure out how to not include my entire kitchen next time. (laughs) But you guys have a great night and keep failing forward.