Blurry Lines | St. Augustine wedding photographer

blurry-girl I've always been partial to blurry. Probably because crisp and sharp doesn't leave much to the imagination.  It shows you exactly what things looked like, which is wonderful for documenting perfect little baby toes and that cute smirky smile that your husband makes when he's feeling a bit shy.  But if you want to be transported, to dream a little, then there's nothing quite like imperfect and hazy.  A double exposure with a cheap plastic camera suddenly creates a mood all it's own, almost defiant in it's lack of detail, daring you to imagine the story.  That's why I've decided to not forget about soft and dreamy in my work but to create a bit more imperfection to compliment the realism.  To not only document all the interesting people and places in Florida but to tantalize and intrigue. Because blurry is a little bit of a mystery, and there's nothing like a good mystery!