Summer in Florida can be a tricky time to be a photographer. As soon as the sun comes, up you start sweating (which looks amazing in photos. lol) and then the thunderstorms pretty much every afternoon lasting as long as they want can nix an evening photoshoot. The light is beautiful and romantic at sunrise but I mean, sunrise is eaaaarly. So I usually don’t suggest it to my clients because who wants to look pulled together and awake at 6:30 am? Enter Carrie & David. I was dragging and makeup-less but they were glowing with young love.

We totally reaped the benefits of being early risers because the beach was quiet and beautiful. They both work in ocean rescue so this was the perfect place for their engagement session. Even though I had to drag my butt out of bed much earlier than usual, it was so worth it.  And if you ever feel brave enough for a sunrise photo session, I’m ALLLL over that!