Jacksonville, Florida - Modern Stained Glass Artist

Seeing and hearing how other artists create is always fascinating. We see the finished piece, but rarely get to hear about the artist's heart that goes into each one, the order of their process, their inspiration. Danielle Clark of House of Pale feels her work as much as sees it. Different pieces of glass pull her to create. The way the light shines through, the texture, each piece has it's own special place in her creations. The voice she puts into her art is clearly unique to her, and even the iconic blog Design Sponge featured her work recently.

Danielle's studio is in her historic home in Murray Hill and every single corner of it was filled with art. It reminded me so much of growing up in California and visiting artists in Berkeley. Their creativity touched absolutely everything around them, creating so much life. 

Danielle described stained glass as helping put everything into place in her life, helping her be who she really is as a person. That's something I can relate to. Art isn't just beautiful to look at, it gives so much joy and peace and purpose back to it's creator.