Classic and Minimalist Engagement Photos - Deland, FL

Every time I photograph a couple, a family, a wedding, I want so badly for my photos to do justice to who people really are and the special connections they have. I try to take time figuring out who they are as individuals and the way they naturally are together.

There’s been a lot of photographer talk lately about ‘should we pose people or never interfere?’. I think that’s the wrong question. What we should be asking is

‘How do we help people to be themselves in front of our camera?’

Sometimes being given some gentle directions helps people to relax instead of worrying about what to do with their hands. Other times getting involved in a moment puts too much focus on me and my camera when what I’m really looking for is how they connect to each other.

For Grace and Sean I just felt it out in the moment (pretty much how all my shoots go. lol) and used a combination of slight direction and just letting them be. I loved how Grace’s beautiful excitement and Sean’s gentle calmness are such a perfect mix. They are each incredibly kind and talented people on their own (both Julliard grads) and together they’re just an amazing arty power couple.

We did our couples / sort-of-anniversary / just-because-they-love-each-other session walking around downtown Deland and on the campus of Stetson University where Sean is a professor (because you remember I said talented right?). It’s always so nice to make these photo sessions more like a fun walk around town date (with me as the goofy third wheel) than a stiff, awkward pose fest.

young wife leaning on her husband deland florida
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jacksonville photographer e m anderson downtown deland
couples reflection in a sidewalk mirror deland florida
woman in black dress with angel wings mural deland florida
young couple walking past a plant covered wall deland florida
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hand holding couple at stetson university
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couple walking through palm trees at Stetson University