Mia The Box Lady

This is a bittersweet post for me as Finn's best buddy Mia and her mommy and daddy have just moved away.  They didn't just move anywhere, they moved to Florida!  Way to add insult to injury! We're so happy for them and their new home but we are already missing them.  Before they left our little nook of Ohio, Mia's mommy wanted to do one last photo shoot and to have a few pictures for their moving announcement.  It was a hot, muggy day but Mia LOVED playing in the box so much, that it made the shoot go much more smoothly.  So here are some farewell photos of mischievous Miss Mia, the box lady.

I love this one! So cute!

Playing with mommy is the best!

Aaand building our immune system with some suspicious green ball. ;-)

Minor little meltdown but nothing that Cheerios can't fix!