Natural, Modern Makeup for Everyone

I'm not sure where it started. This idea that if you're having your picture taken,

you need to slather on makeup like you're the lead in Hello Dolly.

But honestly, it's not a great look for anything closer than a stage. Heavy eyeliners, eyeshadows, and thick fake lashes are harsh and can make you look like anything but yourself. (I mean we've all seen enough crazy makeup transformations to know that it can lie BIG time.)

That's why I'm loving that the fashion world is moving away from the smokey eye, to

a healthier, minimalist style of beauty that enhances our natural selves.

Instead of selling us piles of products to 'fix us',  brands like Glossier and Free People are showing us just how good these healthy, lit from within looks are. 

The eyes really are the window to the soul, so when I'm doing portraits or have a say in wedding styling, I always ask for a healthy, natural look with little to no eyeliner. Allowing more light around the eyes really opens them up and let's us see the real you.

So when I'm photographing you, leave the heavy makeup behind and let me show you how beautiful you really are.

tan brunette with glowy makeup
natural woman in florida jungle
modern bride with short hair and rue de seine gown
{Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft}

{Tyrah's natural look was created by Amanda Hopcraft}

blonde natural beauty in st augustine
fresh faced makeup blonde bride

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