Relaxed, Natural Wedding - Ponte Vedra, Florida - Cheryl and Jacob

Every time I share a wedding, I really struggle with what to write. How do you describe a day that is full of so much love, stress, excitement, dreams, and all parts of life? When I'm photographing a wedding, I usually can just feel a moment coming, or I see something and immediately know that it's an important part of the story. But how do you describe feelings? I've always been so much better at showing important feelings rather than talking about them. Some things just seem too special to put into words, like it will take away from their beauty. 

But luckily for me, not many words are needed to describe Cheryl and Jacob's wedding at the GTM research reserve in Ponte Vedra. It comes through in every photo. I could see their nerves when they were getting ready, the awe at what a huge step they were taking.  Once they were together, the nerves were gone, the stress melted, and it was so clear they were meant to be. 

The joy of their family and friends at the ceremony and reception showed they knew this was a special couple too. And do NOT get me started on the mother son dance! I was a blubbering mess! (I'm a mom of 3 boys and was seeing my future self.) This wedding was so relaxed and natural, and perfectly fit who Cheryl and Jacob are. I know they are going to have so many happy years and a beautiful life ahead of them. They belong together.

Relaxed bride getting shoes on
blue boots as bridal wedding shoes
laughing hugging bridesmaids in floral robes
mother buttoning brides dress outside
waterfront ceremony at GTM reserve
groom and bride hugging under oak trees
bride and groom kissing passionately in the woods
bride and groom walking away down a forest path
portrait of handsome happy groom
bride looking lovingly at groom by the water
kids dancing at wedding reception
bride and groom partying hard at their wedding
happy couple leaving their reception