Still The New Kid

I typically don't write personal posts here but the art of photography is such a personal act that I'm not really sure how to separate the two. So feel free to skip this post and wait for more cool things to come but I just felt the need to write my thoughts down today. ;) hard-being-the-new-kid

I don't think it's ever easy to be the new kid in town. Though I have made so many wonderful friends during our first year in Florida, it's such a struggle to find clients when they don't even know I'm here. In a way it feels like starting my business all over again. And it's difficult to decide just how honest I should be about the challenges.  Do I let on that I'm struggling to find clients but risk people thinking it's because my work isn't good? Do I just keep bottling up the discouragement and exhaustion and figure out how to make my Instagram and blog look like I'm busy and successful? I think the answer is probably a bit of both, because life is always a mix of challenges and success, and that's part of what makes life good. We wouldn't appreciate our successes nearly as much if we didn't also experience difficulties.

It's tiring to put on a brave face when you just spent your last spare $20 on film and have no idea how you'll afford developing, let alone that next project you're dying to shoot. And yet, even when you start to feel like you will never succeed, those same emotions fuel the love and passion for your art, and in each image you see your growth as a person and an artist. Though it is sometimes a struggle to hold onto, art give back so much to it's creator and, in turn, allows us to give back beauty and light to those around us.

So thanks for listening, and even though business is slim right now, I'm going to keep pushing ahead, hoping for better things and being thankful for the little successes of today.  I just need to remember that I'm still the new kid. ;)