The Faux-hawk Returns!

I will admit, I'm already having a hard time with the fact that Finn is getting older. He's walking/running/crashing all over the house and knows how to work daddy's iPad but he's still my little dude-man!  I knew once we got his hair cut, he would look much older so I put it off for a little while... Ok a long while!  After the 4th 'What a cute little girl!' comment in a 3 day period, I finally caved.  With Mimi along to help, I prepared for the emotional trauma of having Finn's childhood snipped from his head. (ok, I know my husband will be cringing at the fact I'm narrating this post but I just can't help it!)

Finn asked (well, he would have if he could talk) "Um, where are we going and what is a haircut?".  I pretended not to hear him as we approached the villainous lair of hair-slaying evil, Cookie Cutters!

"There are TVs here and I get to drive my own car?! Yes!!"  (Yeah, his hair was definitely overdue for a cut.)

Then came Ashley, the harbinger of doom. "Who is the lady and  AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"  He was definitely not a fan of the experience.  I swapped places with Mimi for a while since he kept trying to grab the scissors.  Such a compliant little boy!

"I will be revenged upon you all but I do like cartoons..."

I couldn't quite handle the more business-like cut so she gave him a little faux-hawk. SOOOO cute!!  He started to tolerate the mussing and then he realized he, Finn Anderson, had a big boy haircut!

The face of contentment. "I'm cute and boy do I know it!"