The Harless Family

The past several months have been so stuffed full of crazy moving experiences that I feel like we missed summer!  We were able to take one break and go over to hang out with our dear friends, the  Harless family.  They are such generous, kind people and the kids are honestly the sweetest and craziest that I know.  Not wishing to miss documenting our one summer moment, the camera of course had to come along!

Oreo cookie goodness!!!  Finn was REALLY excited about it. ;-)

What is this? Native Ohio muscle men? (As you can tell, some protested about this pose more than others. lol)

So boys whack things with sticks and girls carry around pink poodle toys and look adorable!

World, I would like you to meet Piggy, who is quite possibly the most loved stuffed animal in existence.

Look what we found in the garden!  A freshly picked, grumpy Finn!

Our dog, Keeper, LOVED hanging out with all the kiddos!  The arrival of this bike/scooter thing put a momentary halt to all festivities! ;-)  They were SOOO excited!

Dude, your face is going to get stuck like that!

SO CUUUUUTE!!!  I think I need a girl now!

"Eeeww!!!  That is so gross, mom and dad!!"

They tired themselves out, for at least 30 seconds or so.

Sweet sisters

They're such a.... good.... looking......

Ah yes!  A sweet, fun family!  We love you guys!!! :-D