We Love Young's!!

In fact, most of our Ohio friends would tell you we're mildly obsessed with Young's Jersey Dairy.  But we can't help it!  It has really, REALLY good ice cream and food (Word to the wise: Don't check the calorie count!) and it's just SO fun!  For you skeptics, here are some of the reasons we love Young's:

Reason #1: They have a papier-mâché cow riding a Huffy.

Reason #2: After eating the aforementioned delicious ice cream, you can walk outside and thank the beautiful Jersey cows that graciously provided the milk for the BMI increasing treat.


Reason #3: They have a really cool, red barn that is a little bit like the castle at Disneyland for native Californians such as ourselves.


Reason #4: They have GIANT tractors that you can climb on, not that a mature adult like me would partake in such frivolity, I just mention it for the kids.  Ahem...

Reason #5: The ice cream gives daddies a sugar high and induces stroller drag racing.


Reason #6:  They have baby goats that are so cute it hurts!!

Reason #7: See reason #6.


Reason #8 (and the most important): Finn likes it.