What's A Birthday Without Sugar?

Ok, so prepare yourself! This is one of those braggy mom posts about my son's first birthday (which happened to be in July but who's counting?). ย So if looking at a ridiculously cute, sweet, chubby, darling little one year old eat ice cream doesn't appeal to you, feel free to skip this post, you big meanie! ;-) ย For those of you that are still here, we took Finn to where else but Young's Jersey Dairy for a little family birthday time. ย We were in the middle of moving so I couldn't do one of those big elaborate parties that he wouldn't notice because he'd be too busy eating cake. ย So Young's worked.

I have never seen anyone look absolutely terrified of ice cream. What can I say? He's a funny kid

Still not quite sure about it but maybe the fact that daddy really dressed up for the occasion will help him relax.


Well, I could try another face plant I guess.

This... is... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone loves Finn, and Finn loves ice cream! (He really is an addict now. Anytime he sees me with a spoon he gets really excited!)

I love those dirty, little baby fingers!

More please?