Jordi & Steven

Congaree and Penn Farm
Jacksonville, Florida


From the start, Jordi and Steven made their wedding the perfect blend of their own tastes while celebrating their community of amazing family and friends. School buses bringing guests to the farm, rad food trucks, space for people to explore. 
The whole day felt relaxed and loving, just like Jordi and Steven.


Reasons To Love Congaree and Penn

  1. Modern Farm Vibes
    Congaree and Penn is a working farm (with some super rad treats for sale on their website) but it's sense of style is perfectly modern minimalist, warm but sophisticated. 
  2. Amazing Hosts
    Lindsay and Scott Meyer, the owners and masterminds behind the farm, are two of the nicest, most thoughtful people you could meet. They go above and beyond for all their guests, making sure each event is so special.

3. Room to Roam
Vineyards, orchards, open fields, chickens, there are so many places to sneak away to for pictures. Plus, a rad little tractor to drive around to your favorite spots.

4. The Congaree Quonset
Probably the most photographed spot on the property (with good reason), this cool quonset hut is the heart of the farm. It channels old school air field vibes into a cool event space and perfect photo backdrop.

Vendors Florist: The Wilding Collective
                Bridal Gown: Rue de Seine