Congaree & Penn Weddings

Reasons to love it

1. Nature never goes out of style

Congaree and Penn is a working farm (with some super rad treats for sale on their website) but it’s sense of style is perfectly modern, warm but sophisticated. I really love how they have embraced nature through all of it, instead of over developing or making things country cutesy. The most timeless setting you can have for your wedding photos is nature and Congaree and Penn provides so much. The whole property is thoughtfully designed, from the rad quonset hut event space, to the tree lined paths, and of course the adorable animals to visit.

2. Amazing Hosts

Lindsay Meyer and her husband Scott are the owners and masterminds behind the farm, and two of the nicest people you could meet. They go above and beyond for all their guests, making sure each event is so special. Lindsay is constantly designing and updating their property to be the most hospitable, relaxing venue. I’m not even kidding when I say I would happily shoot all my weddings here.

3. Places for a quiet moment

The beauty of a venue with so much space is that there are plenty of spots to be tucked away from guests, the bridal party, your excited uncle with his new camera. In the busyness of a wedding day, it’s hard for the two of you to have time to step back and be present. I always try to sneak you away for some pictures of just the two of you, whether it’s before the ceremony or after. I do a little bit of directing for the photos but mostly I want you to have the space to enjoy each other and feel the importance and excitement of committing to each other for life.

4. Lighting options

It’s not secret that Florida sun is STRONG. As much as I love the color and contrast of photos in direct light, it’s also nice to have some shade for softer, more gentle shots. There are many thoughtfully placed, beautiful trees throughout the property that offer more diffused lighting and a cool break from the hot sun.

Congaree & Penn Venue Tour

Hi! I’m Emily, a wedding photographer who believes that real beauty is best.

I love creating images for my couples that are not only beautiful and artistic, but that you can look at and say ‘Wow! That is so us!’. I shoot film for it’s true to life colors and the magical light it brings to my work. I don’t do cookie cutter posing, but photograph each wedding, with it’s unique mix of people, locations and weather, as it’s best self. It’s all about showing the beauty and feelings of YOUR one of a kind wedding day.

Jordi and Steven’s C&P Wedding

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