/// My photography catches authentic beauty so you can feel and love your wedding images every time you look at them. ///


You both need to feel relaxed around your photographer so you can be yourselves

Let’s be honest, having your picture taken, either by phone, mom’s camera, or a professional, isn’t usually a super comfortable place to be. And so often people completely overlook how a wedding photographer make them feel and just go with whoever did their friend’s wedding. So let me tell you a little about my process so you can see if I’m the one for you.

It’s hard to know who to hire for something you’ll only need once.

Hairstylists, mechanics, doctors, you can try them out and if you don’t like them, go somewhere else. But you’re only having this wedding once, so it’s important to think through what you really want. I’ve been doing this for, oh, a while now, so let me give you some pointers. ;)




/// How do I book?


After you click ‘contact’ and fill out the form, I’ll send you a few questions so I can get a feel for you and your wedding day. Then I create a custom proposal just for you, full of all the details about how I work and what to expect. Then when you decide to move forward with booking, we can have a video chat so I can hear all about how you met, the planning, what you’re excited about, nervous about. Because hiring a photographer is about way more than just the cost. It’s about having a connection, and being able to relax around them. Because if you feel nervous or tense with a photographer, that’s how your pictures are going to look too.


///What is your pricing?


Every single wedding is different so I don’t do standard packages. I take the time to learn about all my couples before they book and find out exactly what they need and what they don’t. So every client gets a custom quote that fits their day perfectly.




Again, every wedding is different so that depends on you. While each couple gets all the completed photos on USB and a print release (meaning you can get photos printed through me or another company), the rest is up to you. The number of hours, second shooter, albums, engagement session, all of those things are specific to each couple so I build your wedding photography for you. I’ll walk you through the process to decide what you really need, and not just what what that wedding guidebook says. ;)


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