Q: What is your pricing?

Because this really is about you, let's talk first to figure out exactly what you need instead of getting just another price sheet. So if you want more info, click 'contact' in the menu, or I'll make it even easier and you can just click riiiiight here!

Q: Does film mean that I can't have pictures on my computer? 

Nope. All of my film is professionally developed and scanned into high resolution files by an amazing lab! 

Q: Can you photoshop things on film photos?

While I can't mess around with exposure and colors as much as digital, I can absolutely zap away things like that stress zit that popped up the night before our shoot.

Q: Do you miss moments because of having to change film rolls?

As funny as it sounds, I find that I actually catch more real life when I use film than on digital. * Partially because I really have to think about the photos I'm looking for. No spray and pray machine-gun style shutter clicking. When I'm working at a faster paced event like a wedding, I preload extra film and have a digital on hand just in case. Plus I always have an assistant photographer with me so we're doubly covered.

Q: Why are you so obsessed with film, you crazy lady?

Because it's just SOOO PREEEEEETTTTTTYYYYY!!!!!!!! *Insert ugly crying here*

Q: You convinced me. How do I learn more about film?

I'm so glad you asked because I can be more long winded about this than you ever thought possible BUT... I will send you to the master instead. FIND in a box. You're welcome. ;)  I do occasionally take on mentor sessions where we go out and shoot film together and I answer all your burning filmy questions, so go ahead and contact me if that's more your speed.


*See again that my brain works muuuuch better on film than digital. I'm not into starting a digital vs film war. I just found my jam and that's that.