rough draft

portrait of woman by E. M. Anderson

E. M. Anderson Photography
Photographing people as their best selves since 2010
Jacksonville, Florida


So here's what we're gonna do. You're going to be so relaxed and having fun, that your pictures will be totally natural and beautiful. I don't believe in cookie cutter ANYTHING so I'll give direction for photos that fit who you are and step back and just catch you enjoying life too.


Even though I create a fun, chill atmosphere while I working, I'm SO serious about creating artistic, unique photos. I've studied with amazing wedding photographers, journalists, and portrait masters, and blend it all together for work that is full of life and free-spirited to the core. 


It's so important to me that my photos really are art so I use a combination of medium format film cameras for a look that is so real and full of life, and save the digital camera for after dark.




People are art.
Magical, curious, funny, thoughtful, quiet, kind, weird.  Every single person I photograph is interesting and valuable;  a chance to create something deeply beautiful.  You should never feel afraid of being photographed. I work very hard to make sure that my clients are comfortable and having a great time working with me, because you look your best when you're truly relaxed. Photography shouldn't stop life to make it stiff and manufactured, it should show who YOU really are and the beautiful life you lead.


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