Wedding Photography Tips

Because I’ve been around the block a few times. ;)

How to choose a wedding photographer

It’s hard to know who to hire for something you’ll only need once. Hairstylists, mechanics, doctors, you can try them out and if you don’t like them, go somewhere else.
But you only need one photographer for your one wedding, so it’s important to think through what you really want.
I’ve been doing this for, oh, a while now,
so let me give you some pointers. ;)


outdoor wedding in florida

Planning an outdoor wedding in Florida 

Florida is famous for it’s weather almost as much as it’s beautiful beaches and forests.
Here are a few things to think through if you’re getting married outdoors in the sunshine state.


Looking your best in your wedding photos

Everyone stresses out about how to look good in photos, but you really don’t need to. In this quick video, I share what I think are the most important things to get great photos. And it’s probably not what you think. ;)



Should I have a first look?

Couples usually have strong opinions on when they should see each other for the first time on their wedding day. But before you dismiss a first look as unromantic, here are a few reasons why I think it can make your day even more special. (But ultimately, do what feels best for you! There are no wedding rules!)


Don’t Let Your Wedding Stress You Out

Guys, your wedding day is so full of meaning, emotion, and romance. And yes there are a lot of decisions to be made and vendors to choose. But with a little bit of planning (and maybe some deep breathing. lol) you can be more present and relaxed on this crazy, beautiful, exciting day.


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