Robin & Sean

The Oldest House Gardens
Saint Augustine, Florida


Every couple expresses their love differently, and each wedding feel unique for so many reasons. Robin and Sean immediately struck me as settled, peaceful in themselves and each other. They were completely ready to be together forever, and their family and friends couldn't have been happier for them. Everything about that night just felt right. 


Reasons to love the Oldest House

1. Old is awesome
The textures, and character in historical venues can't be beat. You can go very light on decorating because the venue itself is all the beauty you need. Stubborn plants growing in walls, gorgeous statues and artwork, I would totally live here if they'd let me.

3. It's in a quiet, perfect location
Because Saint Augustine is such a beautiful city, it can get a bit crowded, which makes finding a quiet space for intimate pictures tricky. The Oldest House is on the south edge of the downtown area and the foot traffic here is much lighter. Plus, you're only a block away from the Matanzas Bay so you can get a beautiful variety of photos without having to walk far at all. 

4. Charming nooks everywhere
I love how many different sections there are at this venue. 2 large gardens, several hidden walkways and smaller courtyards, historical art hidden throughout. It provides great spots for photographers, no matter the lighting condition, but also lets your guests roam and explore to their hearts content.