Wedding Information



You’re getting MARRIED!!!! One of the biggest days of your whole life. You’re nervous, excited, a bit scared to be the center of attention. Then to top it all off, you have to have your picture taken ALL. DAY. LONG. I mean just the thought is enough to totally stress you out. What if you don’t know how to pose? What if the pictures don’t show who the two of you REALLY are? What if the photographer takes so many detail shots that they forget real moments? What it you’re not photogenic enough? What if? What if? What freaking if????

Ok, so deep breath. I want SOOO badly for you guys to just relax and have the best day of your life. I do some directing to help you look amazing and feel totally at ease, but I know when to step back and just catch all the fun and sweetness. And though I do love me some cool detail shots (Because you worked CRAZY hard putting this day together!!), it’s really all about you, the love of your life, and all the awesome people who have come to party with you! So there’s nothing to be scared of. Have fun! Be you! And ditch the heels! Dancing barefoot is more fun anyway. ;) 

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