You've never hired a wedding photographer before, and it's hard to even know what questions to ask!  You wonder if it’s going to feel awkward. Are you going to look good? Are the pictures going to be boring? Will they mess with the flow of the day? No. Yes. No. No. ;) 


I want you to be present on your wedding day.

You can have pictures taken any time, but you two are only getting married once and I want you to soak up every minute. Instead of posing you both like dolls in a story that I’m telling,
I move myself around in YOUR story to get gorgeous light, shots that are full of feeling and show you as your best selves.

Weddings are beautiful but they’re full of so many different emotions and I don’t want to take any of them away from you.

The truth of your day is so much deeper than just smiley, instagram pictures.

So I hang out with you like I’m an extra bridesmaid, to help you feel relaxed and comfortable so I can truthfully show
what your wedding really felt like. 
Because deep down, we all know that
the truth is the most beautiful.